Driving always has been one of my favorite things to do. It provides an opportunity to simply sit and reflect on life. Early morning drives in South Dakota provide some of my favorite views. There is nothing quite like seeing the beauty of the sunrise on the horizon that outlines the minute details of the … More Glow


Isn’t it amazing how life can go so fast that you forget to slow down? One definition of tame, from the Merrian-Webster dictionary is: “reduced from a state of native wildness especially so as to be tractable and useful to humans.” How often does life seem wild, like you can’t gain control over the events … More Tame

Solar Eclipse

  Happy Eclipse Day 2017! I have always had an interest in Astronomy since I was a little girl. When it was announced that a total eclipse would happen today, August 21st, I was very excited. I live in southeastern South Dakota, and we were supposed to get 95% eclipse coverage, just a few hours’ … More Solar Eclipse

Just Sailing Through

The small town in South Dakota that I currently live in is hosting the Hobie 16 North American Championship race this week. It seems fitting with this week’s photo challenge because all of the sailors here are transient newcomers to the area. While they are only here a short time, it has been so much … More Just Sailing Through


You can find beauty in the smallest detail, if you only take the time to look. Sincerely yours, Jess Photo Challenge: Focus

Order in the Chaos

Life can be messy. I think just about every person has realized or experienced this at some point. Life can throw you curve balls that don’t seem to make sense at the time and make you question if you are on the path you are supposed to be on. I know I’ve experienced this multiple … More Order in the Chaos


Evanescent: soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing We all have those moments in life. Those ones that are overwhelmingly beautiful and whole in the moment, but that you know will come to an end. There is a bittersweet sense to these moments. On the one hand, you treasure them … More Evanescent