Evanescent: soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing

We all have those moments in life. Those ones that are overwhelmingly beautiful and whole in the moment, but that you know will come to an end. There is a bittersweet sense to these moments. On the one hand, you treasure them but on the other, you are sad to see them go. From weekend getaways to more substantial periods of time like school, there are countless events that bring on the sense of evanescence in our lives.

Life’s experiences can often be like a rose, there one second, making the world even more beautiful, and then it’s gone. Each part of life can be a season or even a day that changes you, molds you into who you will become. While major life events certainly do this, it’s often the day to day habits and experiences that build up over time. It’s these unnoticed, evanescent daily occurrences that come and go without our being aware. I’ve come to realize that these moments can have just as big of an impact, or at least can help me appreciate life more each day.

Some events of life are meant to stick with us, but how many do we experience each day that pass from our minds? The simple things that we are often too busy to notice are the ones that can help us to appreciate the day to day parts of life. They are the ones that can give us a sense of peace if we can just slow down to experience them. Going for a walk, hearing a baby’s laugh, the list goes on. Even a few moments of this each day can change the way we interact with the world around us.

Take time today to appreciate the evanescent moments of life. They may only last a few seconds, but they can provide a lot of beauty in the moment that can change you. Stop and “smell the roses”. Listen. Simply Be.

Sincerely yours,



Photo Challenge: Evanescent


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