Light in the Darkness

Storytelling is one of the threads of life that connects people together. There’s nothing quite like sharing adventures, challenges, successes and experiences with another person. It is through mutual vulnerability that allows a relationship to grow between two people. Especially powerful is when you find common themes that can open up a whole new experience in a conversation with someone. For me, one of my favorite things is meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I believe that everyone desires to be heard. By sharing our life story, we share who we are. We ask the receiver of our story to listen and accept us for who we are. Being vulnerable with another person is scary, for it requires us to reveal a part of ourself, perhaps for the first time. However, the rewards of doing so outway the fears. I had great opportunities recently to share my story with a few different people.

You can change the world. How? Become the best version of yourself. If you do that, you will impact the lives of those around you. The more you allow yourself to be seen to others, the more your authentic self can live. You have the power to impact the life of every single person you meet or interact with. That is a great responsibility not to be taken lightly. Through my various experiences in life, I have learned that there is no greater gift that I can give than to live my life loving others and being a positive influence to anyone that I meet.

There is power and beauty in a heart that is free from the chains of fear.  Fear of others, fear of their opinions, fear of self. Fear is extremely prevalent in this world. Constant worrying, anxiety, fear of the future and a general fear and lack of trust in people. It makes me sad to think that we live in a world where we have to worry about terrorist attacks and even walking down the street. What is the root of this? When did we allow such darkness to take such a deep root in our societies and in our hearts?

I have many thoughts on the answers to those questions, but that is not what I want this post to focus on. I want to focus on what I, what you, can do. Today. Not tomorrow. Today, the present moment. The future is but an idea, it’s not real. Therefore, there is little that you can do to plan and prepare for it. Life is going to happen, whether you are ready or not. What you can do, though, is focus on becoming better today. The more you can focus on the present, and being present, the more you will see the little joys of life. The birds chirping, the rain falling, the laughter of children, or even going for a walk become an opportunity to see how great this life actually is.

Your attitude determines your altitude.

I recently had a great conversation with someone that reminded me why I desire to be a doctor. It was in this conversation that I was reminded how much this world needs people to be aware of the suffering of others. Not only being aware of it, but wanting and willing to do whatever her or she can to help. This attitude of service to others was what drew me to the medical field. One of my biggest goals is to lead medical missions trips around the world, particularly to India where I went on a mission trip a few years ago. More than that, though, I desire to use the gifts I have been given to make a positive impact on the life of every single one of my patients.

In Mass last weekend, that message was reiterated. The priest said that when love encounters suffering, it results in mercy. The greater the suffering, the greater the compassion. My patients will be suffering in some way, and I will be in a place to serve them. The priest also told us that Jesus weeps for us. How can we console Him? Jesus wants to remove the chains of death so He can free us and give us life. Go out. Be the love and light of Jesus to the world. That is what I know I am called to do. Regardless of what faith other people come from, I desire to be that light in the life of others. I can think of no greater way to use my gifts than being that light.

You have so much potential. Learn how to be present in the everyday parts of life. Enjoy the moment, especially the moments involving other people. Be open to vulnerability. Be open to sharing parts of yourself with others. Learn to love yourself and you will discover graces beyond anything you can imagine and be amazed at your ability to see the world in a completely new light. Life is about perspective. Move around the lantern of life by getting to know the people around you on a deeper level. Fill your life with positive things. The world has enough darkness and fear, be the person that starts to be the light that pierces through it.

You were made for greatness. You were made for love.

Sincerely yours,



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