European Adventure: The Extra Day (Post 9)


I know that I skipped a whole day of our trip to Europe, but I promise I had a good reason. My dad is a huge golf fan, and before we left he asked how close we would be to St. Andrews. For those of you that may not be aware, St. Andrews is attributed with the creation of the sport. According to their website, “golfing in St Andrews – at the spiritual heartland of the sport – is the ultimate ambition of many golfers” (St. Andrews golf) and my dad is no exception. When we gained an extra day and had to cancel going to Paris, I was okay with it by suggesting we make the trip to St. Andrews from Edinburgh. I am so glad we did.

St. Andrews is beautiful. Located along the coast, there are beaches that provide for a spectacular view. There was a low tide, so we were able to go sea shell hunting and stand out on the rocks. It was supposed to rain all day, but luckily it didn’t while we were there. Due to the wind, the waves gave us fantastic pictures. I also loved the sand, as it seemed more like glitter than true sand as I have known.

The town of St. Andrews had a contemporary vibe to it. The University of St. Andrews, where Prince William and Princess Kate attended and where they met, is located within the town. Therefore, there were many students around Kate and I’s age. Something I grew to love about this trip to Europe was going to all of the coffee shops they have. Here, there were students studying and having conversations, which made us feel more like locals than tourists (there were also hardly any tourists while we were there due to it being the off-season). Although I was a bit surprised that there were people still golfing while we were there. I guess you can say that golf runs in the Scottish blood, or at least that die-hard golfers will golf no matter the weather.

We also stopped at a town called Dunfirmline, where St. Margaret is buried. St. Margaret was Queen of Scots from 1070-1093 and is known as the “Pearl of Scotland.” She was a favorite of Scotland, and is still talked about a lot today there. Kate and I heard about here before going to Europe, but even more so when we were there. In Edinburgh Castle, there is a chapel dedicated to her that was built by one of her sons and it is actually the oldest part of that castle. When we realized we could stop and see where she was buried (in a beautiful Abbey), we knew we had to go. Unfortunately, the abbey had closed 30 minutes before we got there, but it was interesting to walk around the grounds. Someday we will have to go back.

My dad’s reaction to us going to St. Andrews was priceless. We wanted to keep it a surprise that we went, so I couldn’t send him any pictures or post anything about it. We got him a golf towel from the shop and my brother (also a huge golf fan) a hat. Needless to say, I think we inspired him to go to Europe and see it for himself. I loved being able to incorporate my dad and brother in that way as part of the trip.

The night we got back is when Kate and I went to a couple bars in Edinburgh. So, this definitely a great day in Scotland!

Sincerely yours,



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