European Adventure: Great Scott! (Post 6)

Hello from Scotland!

Today, we started with another Harry Potter mini sighting seeing tour in the form of King’s Cross. Going in the morning was perfect for taking the stereotypical tourist photo at Platform 9 3/4, but I couldn’t go to London and not get a picture at it. It was even better because we were actually leaving the station via train. They have a neat little Harry Potter shop next to the Platform photo-op that we explored for a bit.

We made the 5 hour train ride to Edinburgh, Scotland this afternoon. The scenery was amazing as we rode along the English countryside. We even got a good view of the North Sea on the ride while we passed through some picturesque towns.

Edinburgh. I have fallen in love with it already. I love the historic buildings, the cobblestones streets, the scarves, and of course the whiskey. We climbed to the top of Calton Hill, which has a great view overlooking the city. Not only that, on the other side of the hill, you see the Sea once again. Kate and I had fun climbing the various parts of the hill. The only downside was that I fell in a big pile of mud. It was one of those slow motion, knew I was going down but helpless to prevent it falls. My pants suffered the biggest blow, but it was worth it to get good pictures!

One place that we had heard about is called The Witchery. It is located near the Edinburgh Castle, inside of a beautiful old house connected to the castle. They do not have lights, but instead light up the space with candlelight. While a little spendy, we had a 2 course meal (for 20 pounds, which you may or may not think is expensive depending on budget) that was delicious. If you ever make it to Edinburgh (which I highly recommend), check this place out: The Witchery

We spent the rest of the day walking in and out of shops and getting a feel for the city.

There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, and I am super excited to wander the city!

Sincerely yours,




3 thoughts on “European Adventure: Great Scott! (Post 6)

  1. The english countryside is so pretty, right? I love Edinburgh too. Lovely city.
    Try to do a ghost tour at night, where they go in the “guts” of the city. Best one I have ever taken!

    If you want a nice view of the city – “Arthur’s seat”!

    I also would love all the Harry Potter things you did! Fun.


    1. The countryside was breathtaking! I’ve heard that the ghost tours are awesome, we will have to see if we can do one. The Harry Potter things have been a lot of fun to see, and there will be a few more added to the list in Edinburgh which I am excited about!

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      1. I don’t want to spook you but I swear I saw a ghost down in the dungeons. I still remember it like it was yesterday and I will never forget it till me last day. Tey to do one, at night of course. Have fun!


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