European Adventure: A Birthday to Remember (Post 4)


What a birthday! Growing up, I never thought I would have the chance to spend my birthday in London. I’m incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and extremely grateful. The weather has overall been pretty good thus far, but today was the best we’ve had. It was sunny and around 50- it’s like London wanted to give me an extra present of nice weather on my birthday. After a rather hectic first few days in London with pretty constant running around, today was slowed down a smidge. We went and got breakfast at a local café called Le Pain Quotidien. This was another great place to go with good food and coffee.

After breakfast, we took a bus ride to Stonehenge. The sky was beautiful and made for a great backdrop for pictures. It was a bit of a jaunt out of London, but it was worth seeing.

For my birthday dinner, I got to cross off another item on my London bucket list: I had fish and chips with a beer in a pub. It was a great time, and the bartender was fun too and gave us free samples of some of the beers because it was my birthday. We went to a pub called The Antelope. Check them out here: When we got back, my uncle had bought a bunch of pastries as a birthday cake which were all amazing.

Overall, this was one birthday I will never forget 🙂

Cheers to 24 years!






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